Letter: Turning On Each Other

Letter to the Editor

This letter is addressed to The Malibu Times Publisher Arnold G. York.

I was born and raised in Malibu. My father, Leon Cooper, died a couple years ago and we sold the family home on Baden Place right before the fire. I believe you may know him and my sister, Katie Cooper. 

I need to speak out on the irresponsible gossip and completely unfair untruths that have been leveled against my dear friends, Ed and Kay Niles, and their family. I have gone to school with Lisa Niles since kindergarten and I can tell you as a former commercial property manager that there is no way a good tenant who pays on time would be kicked out by a longtime landlord. In addition, I know the Niles family to be straight up people of the highest integrity.

I also requesting that you publish Lisa’s current letter to the editor that you have on file so her voice can be heard. I am ashamed that the Malibu that I knew all these past 58 years has turned into something so ugly—that residents are turning on each other in such a vicious manner. Please everyone—behave better.

Jean Cooper