Enough is enough


I would like to set the facts straight in regard to the letter of Joe Edmiston published in The Malibu Times on Dec. 27. Malibu was host to 9,059,380 visitors in 2006. This figure does not include bicyclists, motorcyclists, campers, hikers or tourists. There are seven existing supervised campgrounds in the Malibu area that have campsites that can accommodate 1,350 people (counted as two per campsite) each and every night of the year, with adjoining hiking trails and access for visitors with disabilities. Are these campsites full every night of the year? What are the occupancy numbers? If needed, could these existing supervised campgrounds be expanded? If memory serves me, it seems that excess land adjacent to the campsites could be utilized for expansion.

The Backbone Trail has over 70 miles of hiking trails. In addition, there are 48 different existing hikes in the Santa Monica Mountains in the Malibu area and this does not include beach hikes. Bluffs Park, the community pool and the skateboard park are all open to visitors. The Malibu Equestrian Park is operated by the City of Malibu in partnership with Trancas Ropers and Riders and is open to the public. Charmlee Park serves as a unique outdoor classroom for not only Malibu kids, but inter-city kids, too.

The SMMC property known as Ramirez Canyon Park in Ramirez Canyon, which was donated to the state by Barbara Streisand in exchange for a $15 million tax credit, was proposed, when donated, to be an environmental study center. The property, consisting of five houses and open space, is located at the end of the canyon in a residential zoned neighborhood. The access road crosses the streambed four times. Clearly, traffic pollutes the canyon physically as well as the air. Has the SMMC done an EIR or hired other consultants to access the impact?

Malibu residents graciously welcome all visitors. Contrary to the myth that Malibu residents are all millionaires, there are real, year-round taxpaying residents, just ordinary folks who live in and love Malibu. They love the lifestyle, the beauty, the peace and the wildness of Malibu. We are very protective of these attributes and cherish Malibu’s treasures for the benefit of all. The SMMC, the Coastal Commission, the Malibu City Council and all residents are stewards of this land and must protect, conserve, and maintain the environment of this special place.

Marion Hall