Reader’s Poem: OLD WEST MALIBU


My heart is in West Malibu

That’s where I love to be.

Away from all Politicians

And their chicanery.

I can grow my greens and veggies

And maybe a tree or two.

Or drop a quail into the pot

And make a tasty stew.

I can test my new Ferrari

On good old PCH.

Out here it’s mostly uncontrolled

And you’re left much to your fate.

My parties can be noisy,

I can pound the drums all night.

The screams and laughing’s muffled

And no cause for any fright.

The tourist’s make no problems,

Since I built the barbed wire fence.

And the line of avocado trees

Hides my true intent.

Which is:

To survive in peaceful freedom

And pay my taxes, too.

And live out here in the poor part

Of old west Malibu.

By Phineas P. Fogbotham (Harry Finch)