Lone voice in the wilderness


Despite the outcry against the Civic Center road closure, here is one voice that states it is a good idea. In the short run, it is inconvenient, especially combined with the brutal crush of summer traffic. But please have patience! In the long run, it is much better, overall.

Z traffic has no business in a residential and school area. The strip of road that is now closed, originally the only way to get from Malibu Canyon to PCH pre-Pepperdine, was never meant to mix highway speeds with schools and condos. Such traffic is now appropriately diverted to the high-speed roads.

Certainly, glitches remain. The timing of the lights needs to be altered. A merging right turn lane should be created off Webb Way, westbound onto PCH, and off PCH, heading onto Malibu Canyon. When the summer traffic goes away and the school traffic adjusts, many people will feel better about this. Especially the parents at the schools!

As for the restaurants and shops that claim business is off? Business is always off this time of year-half the locals are on vacation!

As for the exaggerated claims of extra driving distances, I am one of the true victims that lives within the zone, and despite an extra 3-4 minutes to get home from Malibu Canyon, I am willing to tolerate it.

As for the claim that there was no warning – that is ludicrous.

However, the city will inevitably need to consider one last change-to create a new ingress/egress directly from PCH to the four condo complexes and the OLM/Webster School drop-off. A new middle merge lane on PCH would accomplish this, at approximately the tangent point where Civic Center Way and PCH meet near the condos.

Once that is accomplished, the pavement from Webb Way to the condos will be unnecessary – it can be removed and returned to a natural state expanding the wetlands area. Furthermore, Colony Plaza traffic should be re-examined as it has become far busier than when it was created a decade ago. Easier flow to and from PCH is needed now.

The new park that may come, adjacent the schools, is an added bonus. Long term, the look and flow of central Malibu will be better for these initial changes.

Rick Wallace