New fire prevention group


On behalf of our Malibu West Pacifica HOA Board of Directors, we welcome the invitation and the opportunity to express our deep appreciation for the formation of the Malibu West Fire Safe Council.

We especially appreciate and thank Malibu resident Cindy Vandor for her far sightedness to lead the organizing of this long overdue and critically needed program to prepare and protect the community against the future wild fires.

Future wild fires that threaten our lives, homes, the natural habitat, and the lives and homes of the Santa Monica Mountain animals that live amongst us.

We say the future for we had two wild fires in Malibu this past year that destroyed over 50 structures; one of our condominiums burned to the ground in the wild fire that roared down Trancas Canyon in 1978, so unless action is taken by the government and the community, it is just a matter of time before Malibu West is threatened once again by a wild fire.

The Malibu West Fire Safe Council is establishing a before the fact, pro-active program that will prevent a fire before it can become a devastating wild fire.

We pray the government will see the value of this community effort and will provide the matching funds to support this pilot program.

This program could establish a standard for all of Malibu and guidelines for other communities throughout our nation to follow.

Jerry Jackson

Malibu West Board member