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You can’t help but get a little ego boost when beautiful Bonnie Raitt walks up, glances your way and says “Wow, this is one bad #@! table!” I was feeling especially cool until I discovered that I was not in fact the subject of her awe, but just happened to be seated among a good number of her longtime backup musicians.

It was, however, one bad #@! night on stage at the Regent Beverly Wilshire as Raitt was honored by the Musicians Assistance Program.

Rockers old and young turned up at this tattoo and tuxedo event, everyone from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, to Jimmy Vaughan to Richie Sambora. Heather Locklear was elegantly clad in white satin. A ’60s icon, David Crosby, letting his “freak flag fly,” took a more casual approach. “My look hasn’t changed much. I still got my same hair,” he told The Malibu Times, lifting off his baseball cap. “Just a lot less of it.”

As the lights dimmed, I learned that Boxing Gandhis is not part of MAP’s anger management program, but rather a totally rockin’ funky vocal group that had enough energy to light up Times Square.

Soulful Herbie Hancock followed the Gandhis with some delightfully soothing sounds. After awards were handed out to Raitt, the Chili Peppers and ’70s DJ Mary Turner, the show wrapped up with the music of Hugh Masekela.

The evening raised thousands of dollars for MAP programs, which help industry professionals recover from drug and alcohol addiction and will keep their music merry for years to come.


Speaking of music, Malibu’s number one rocker, Sting, will join pal Elton John on stage at the Universal Amphitheater on Dec. 12 for a benefit concert to benefit Sir Elton’s AIDS Foundation and AIDS Project Los Angeles. The all-star line-up also features Bon Jovi, LeAnne Rimes and matchbox twenty.


You didn’t know if you were watching a rerun of the “West Wing” or an episode of “Friends” as the biggest stars of the small screen gathered for this year’s Lili Claire Foundation fundraiser. Matthew Perry was over in one corner, Bradley Whitford and John Spencer in another one. They all got together to fete “West Wing” creator Aaron Sorkin who was presented with the Sprit of Leadership Award.

Perry, who served as the evening’s emcee, has been one of the foundation’s best pals. “Friends” casting director Leslie Litt-Resnick formed the group after she lost her young daughter, Lili, to a neurogenetic birth defect called William’s syndrome. Today her foundation helps other children live longer, more productive lives.

One of them is Brian Werner, who showed off his musical talents and brought the crowd to its feet with a lively rendition of the Beatles classic “Come Together. “

The evening is an emotional time for Resnick, who thanked the crowd while choking back tears. “We need to know that our time on earth is a precious gift and we must make our time count, ” she explained. “The time for our bodies is finite, but our time for good work is forever.”

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