From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … these are the Monday Headlines

From F-M 99.1 … KBUU News … these are the Monday Headlines:

  • = First day of school today … in Malibu …
  • = A new parking lot above Malibu High sneaks into the school district plans.
  • = The district quietly releases an E-I-R for the remaining two thirds of the campus.
  • = The city council will consider banning new cell phone equipment in Malibu.
  • = And Cher is disappointed by Malibu no-shows at her post office demonstration
  • = And downcoast winds will hit 30 miles an hour today … it’s a KBUU blowing lawn furniture alert.
Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … from Radio Malibu …. F-M 99 point 1 K B U U. Good morning … I’m Hans Laetz reporting.
The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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