Why build?


The problem I have with this development project [David Evans’, aka The Edge, five-home development on Sweetwater Mesa Road] is not the worry that the proposed homes won’t be top of the line and designed by “world class professionals” in a “nonlinear” kind of way. I just want to understand why Mr. Evans has to build three extra one-of-a-kind homes for the purpose of selling them.

Is it wanna-be-a-builder syndrome? Does he need more money/profit? I really don’t get it.

We keep hearing how this project will be the most “green” construction and materials ever!

Well, the greenest thing is to leave the hills in their natural form.

This project is going to require approximately 4,200 dump trucks traveling up and down a small winding canyon road (including going over a bridge which is not built for these loads) as they carve away at our ridgeline for the purpose of flipping high-end homes. I’m sorry, but this display of greed is mindboggling. The “fat cats” aren’t just in banking or on Wall Street-they’re everywhere, in many industries to the detriment of most of us and nature.

I pray that Mr. Evans will see that two homes are enough and let us all, wildlife included, enjoy the natural splendor.

Linda Rivera