Ollies for the road


    I wanted to convey my deepest gratitude to Caltrans for continuing to resist the temptation to repair the northbound roller-coaster bumps on Pacific Coast Highway, just south of Big Rock Drive.

    For nearly 20 years, Malibu’s residents have thrilled to these ever-changing bumps and humps, watching them swell with every rainy season and eagerly anticipating the chance to “get air” after hitting them at just the right speed.

    For a while, as I saw Caltrans dump millions into various Malibu projects this last winter, I feared that they might actually drop a few pennies into what must surely be a simple remedy to the humps, i.e. installing proper mountain drainage and then bulldozing the highway flat as it was some two decades ago. How happy I was when they decided to take the more expensive route and continue resurfacing the humps each time water seepage caused them to buckle (twice this year already!).

    Malibu residents should take pause and give thanks that as long as Caltrans’ wise and caring leadership is on the case, PCH will not be repaired.

    Wade Major