Hodgepodge Malibu style OK


Bless Jo Ruggles for keeping me on my toes. A few years ago, she was so worked up about what the city was doing (I can’t remember what it was about, because she’s always worked up about something ) that she threatened to move to Santa Barbara. Being the helpful soul that I am, I quickly offered to rent a truck and help her move. As luck would have it, she declined my offer and stayed put in Malibu. And here she is again, all lathered up as usual.

I’ll say one thing about Jo’s complaints; they always brighten my days with a laugh or two. This time she’s wrought up about he possible remodel of Cross Creek Plaza (that the center with the movie theater) being an “East Coast” style. She’s on a tear because the city “allowed some developer to come I here and obliterate the California “hacienda” style architecture.

Is she kidding? That center looks more like early slum to me. And what’s with the “allowed” business? Since when does government have a right to decide who can buy and sell their property? Also, unless they slipped it past us, I don’t recall that the city has an architectural review board that dictates what style our homes business should adhere to.

Jo is always screaming keep Malibu Malibu, but fails to see that our hodgepodge, eclectic style is what has always made Malibu unique. Instead, she praises Santa Barbara for their cookie cutter mentality.

Finally, as a passing observation, Jo appears to approve of the old, red brick Courthouse. I like the old Courthouse, too, but that’s probably because it sure it looks like old East Coast to me.

Doug O’Brien