No trucks, no bicycles


Years ago, the people of Malibu were successful in stopping the truck traffic on Pacific Coast Highway because it was deemed unsafe for the highway. Now that we have had bicyclists killed, wouldn’t it be an intelligent idea to remove another dangerous vehicle from Pacific Coast Highway? Bicyclists ride two or more abreast with total disregard for their own safety. Yet they expect the city to do something to protect them from motor vehicles, when they do very little to protect themselves from the traffic.

Trucks that were removed from the highway paid a road tax that helped to support the highway. Bicycles pay no road tax and rarely receive a traffic citation for their wrongdoing. I have lived in Malibu for most of the last 50 years, I have driven a motor vehicle and ridden a bicycle on Pacific Coast Highway during this time. In the past 20 years, I have become extremely annoyed at the bicyclists and their attitude regarding the motor vehicle. These people feel that they own the road and that everyone else is violating their space.

If trucks that pay taxes can’t use Pacific Coast Highway, then why let the bicyclist who pays nothing and wants everything use the highway. The highway is not wide enough or safe enough for them to ride on safely.

Since the city of Malibu likes to have the people decide the issues, I feel that there should be an initiative on the next ballot to remove bicycle traffic from Pacific Coast Highway.

Ernie Jenewien