Bizarre incident, possible death on PCH


The Malibu Times received a phone call on Monday from a man named Greg Lewis who said he witnessed an incident at the intersection of Lunita Road and Pacific Coast Highway on Saturday afternoon in which a man killed another man after putting him in a chokehold to stop him from beating on two elderly individuals.

Lewis declined to give the name of the person who performed the chokehold, but he called him a good Samaritan.

“I witnessed the man save the lives of these two people,” Lewis said.

A call was made to the Malibu/Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station to confirm if the incident actually happened. Lt. Steve Smith would not confirm if anybody was killed, but he did say something happened, and said the case has been handed over to Sheriff’s Homicide detectives. Smith said he was not allowed to give further information.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Homicide Detective Scott Fines did not return several calls for comment.

Lewis said on Saturday he was driving down Pacific Coast Highway when he saw a man beating on an elderly woman and elderly man. He said at first he drove by the scene, but then returned to it. There, Lewis said, another man stopped his car at the scene and got out of it. He then proceeded to first speak with the man committing the assault, Lewis said, but then later put the man in a chokehold to prevent him from further harming the two victims.

Lewis said the other man eventually passed out and after paramedics and Sheriff’s deputies arrived, the man was pronounced dead.

The man who had performed the chokehold was at first arrested, but later released with no charges, Lewis said.

Anybody who has further information about the incident can call The Malibu Times at 456.5507 ext. 105.

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