Letter: Fake News

Letter to the Editor

This letter is in regards to the article written by Jimy Tallal, “Women Take Center Stage,” published on May 6.

As a 23-year resident of Seminole Springs Mobilehome Park, I am first offended that you are calling it a trailer park. Many facts are incorrect in this article.

You have incorrect names under Cynthia Cornell Novak and Avesta Carrara’s photos; they should have been reversed. Cynthia Cornell Novak is a rock star and has volunteered bringing in an abundant amount of resources into our community.

LA County Long Term Recovery Group has also been an amazing resource for individual shareholders here. Malibu Foundation has been a great asset toward our rebuild as well. Our first big grant was from United Way, which was secured by the YMCA and encouraged by one of our Board of Directors. It was the largest grant to date.

This community is run by a volunteer board of directors and I believe they deserve a bit of recognition for their lion’s share of work; it’s been extremely stressful, but we are getting there.

It would be excellent to have an article written with facts—not fake news!

Maybe a fact checker would be helpful.

Theresa Cavalleri