California Wildlife Center to Host The Wild Brunch

California Wildlife Center

The California Wildlife Center (CWC) will host its annual fundraiser to benefit its continued care for native wildlife on Sunday, Sept. 25. The organization provides emergency care and rehabilitation for native wild animals throughout the Los Angeles and southern Ventura County regions. 

The Wild Brunch will be held on Sunday from 1-5 p.m. at Gull’s Way, an estate on Pacific Coast Highway. Sponsors for the event include Ashworth Africa, Gull’s Way Estate, John Paul Mitchell Systems, National Geographic Expeditions, Turkish Airlines and Kathy and Laird Landmann. 

The family-friendly event’s activities list consists of the “Kids Wild Zone,”  silent and live auctions, a live art demonstration and an on-site wildlife release. 

Local restaurants will provide a gourmet vegetarian menu, which will also include a Tito’s Handmade Vodka Bar, a Korbel California Champagne Mimosa Bar and local wine selections. 

The CWC recently made national headlines with a story about the “snowshoes” the center made for a mockingbird with “knuckling feet.”

Last month, a tiny Northern Mockingbird was rescued by the center with feet unable to open, meaning she couldn’t properly stand or perch without causing herself more injury.

Veterinary staff made “snowshoes” for the bird, “to retrain her feet to open and allow the injuries to her toes to heal,” according to a blog post published by the CWC. “The treatment was successful and the bird is now snowshoe-free and on the road to full recovery!”

Proceeds from the fundraiser will go toward the diverse work of the CWC, including marine mammal rehabilitation, animal rescue in the Santa Monica Mountains and snowshoes for mockingbirds.