Deserving of respect


Last school year, Malibu High School’s two Valedictorians participated in five high school sports between them, as well as numerous clubs on campus. After reading some of the recent letters to the editor, I fear that there may be some mistaken sense in a part of the community that our athletes at MHS are monolithic, or that academic excellence and participation in our high school sports programs are mutually exclusive. Not so. Our best football player last year, as just one example, Sean Conrad, was a scholar athlete. He now attends Princeton University.

With some members of the community firing off attacks of one kind or another at MHS, let’s remember that there are many families who get involved in campus life, making significant contributions to our students. We realize we are a school community and need to work together to give our students the best possible experiences and opportunities, whether in sports or other areas.

I realize some neighbors of MHS do not want lights on the football field area, believing their concerns outweigh the interests of the students. Leaving the merits of that dispute aside, I am disappointed in the content of some of the letters that seem to disparage student athletes and particularly football families as being shallow, uncaring of their environment and even too ‚Äúdinged in the head’ to know how to have fun on a Friday night. This is as sad as it is misguided. I invite you to see these student athletes at our Homecoming Game, Friday, Nov.13 at 2:30 p.m. The football team, cheerleaders and drum line are a refreshing, bright and eclectic group of kids. Please come support them. Hopefully, the afternoon game time is not too early for our community to come and enjoy our campus.

As a footnote, La Jolla High School (which is rural and coastal), Dos Pueblos in Santa Barbara, Fillmore and Carmel high schools all have sports stadiums on campus with lights to support their sports programs.

Marie Zweig