Planetary Themes for the Month of January

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.

As Mercury retrogrades again on Jan. 5 – 26, take a step back to re-evaluate your goals for the new year. Be crystal clear in your communications and avoid misunderstandings. Major decisions are usually best postponed during this phase.


As Mars enters Scorpio on Jan. 3, you move more into the emotional realm until March 5. The focus is also on money, use of resources and core issues. You are open to more mental clarity and new ideas through the eighth. There is the opportunity for the greater expression of love and also money opportunities through the 12th.


Partnerships and the best use of your resources can become the primary focus after the third. There may be some tensions with others regarding money matters, so keep the peace and make compromises. You are in a positive cycle for attracting more support through friends and resolving internal issues through the 18th. 


The new year starts off with Mercury entering the sign of Aquarius through Jan. 7. This is a positive cycle for you for bringing more mental clarity. You are also receptive to original and inventive ideas. After the seventh, your life can take on a more serious tone again. It’s a good time to re-evaluate your career goals.


Through the seventh, it’s a good time to take an objective look at your finances and spending habits. Think of new, original ways of increasing earnings. After the third, more passion can begin to heat up in your love life. Creative projects and/or children in your life can also take on more importance on an emotional level. 


Your serious outlook helps you take practical steps in the direction toward goals. Other people can share some unusual ideas through the seventh. This helps expand your viewpoint. There may also be some family or domestic matters that require you to be more flexible. Travel or a romantic getaway may be just what you need. 


You probably feel ready to implement new ideas or technology into your daily work life through the first week. After the seventh, your goal-oriented and ambitious side can take you far at work or in your career. Be more cautious with your spending decisions and investments during the second half. Avoid hasty decisions.


Through the 23rd, it’s a time to broaden your horizons and set bigger goals. You can have a greater interest in higher education, and the urge for more travel and freedom. The focus is also on earnings and self-worth issues to examine. You can deepen your connection on an emotional and spiritual level through the 18th. 


As Mars enters your sign on the third, the tide is going your way, if you make a sustained effort in the direction of your goals. There is the opportunity for a deeper involvement emotionally with children in your life, creative projects and possible romance through the 18th. When it comes to decisions, think it through carefully. 


As Venus transits your sign through the 23rd, you are in a favorable cycle for the greater expression of love in your life and financial opportunities. On an emotional level, try not to stuff your feelings. Seek healthy outlets. Time spent alone can help you get better connected on an emotional level through the 18th. 


You are in a position to attract influential people, support and resources to further your goals. Make sure to network and interact socially. As Mercury retrogrades on the eighth in your sign, this is a good time to re-evaluate your ideas and make some changes with your plans. Business from others in your past is likely. 


You come into your own during the first week of the month with greater mental clarity and insights. After the eighth, it’s a time to turn within and do some inner reflection. This can lead to a greater understanding of yourself. Remain flexible with career matters. Social outlets are a source of joy and strength this month. 


You can deepen your emotional connection with others and get better attuned to your own needs this month. Seeking higher education and knowledge can lead to more personal growth. Social groups and networking with professional organizations can open new doors for you. Re-evaluating future plans is a good idea. 

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