Malibu’s Tom Schaar Joins Olympics-Bound Skateboarding Team

Pictured from left: (front row) Bryce Wettstein, Brighton Zeuner, Lacey Baker, Alexis Sablone, Jenn Soto, Marian Duran, Jordyn Barratt and Nicole Hause; (back row) Chris Joslin, Louie Lopez, Nyjah Huston, Jagger Eaton, Zion Wright, Alex Sorgente, Tom Schaar and Tristan Rennie

Tom Schaar joins fifteen other people for the first-ever skateboarding national team, as announced by USA Skateboarding. The group will be competing at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. 

He joins Brighton Zeuner, Bryce Wettstein, Jordyn Barratt, Nicole Hause, Alexis Sablone, Jenn Soto, Lacey Baker, Mariah Duran, Alex Sorgente, Tristan Rennie, Zion Wright, Chris Joslin, Jagger Eaton, Louie Lopez and Nyjah Huston. Schaar, who was born in Malibu, will be competing as part of the Men’s Park group—park skateboarding refers to those who skateboard in skateparks. 

According to USA Skateboarding, Schaar was the youngest person to win a gold medal at the X Games, which is hosted by ESPN, at age 12.

“Tom is no stranger to the podium either, placing in practically every single major skateboarding event on the planet,” his biography read, in part.