Before the Winter Comes

The Sun is up this morning,

And it’s bright and warm and clear,

I can see Catalina Island —

Like it’s right next door and near.

It’s quiet and the air is still —

No wind to move the trees.


The birds are out, flying about,

And even so the Bees

The trees are bright in blossoms —

And the fragrance does abound.

It’s hard to believe it’s winter,

Now that January has come round.

We’re short of rain, at present,

While back east it’s ice and snow;

Their power is out — and suffering —

While here, to the beach I go.

I can’t wear my warmy jackets

Nor the winter clothes at all.

It’s back to the short sleeve items,

While in the midwest, temperature falls.

I wonder why I’m so lucky,

To live in Malibu?

Was it something that I did?

That such luck would now come due?

Oh well, I’ll just not think it out,

But soak up all this Sun —

And enjoy the colors of the sea,

Before the winter comes.

H. Emmett Finch

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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