City looks to improve La Costa crosswalk on PCH

The city is looking to install flashing light beacons at the La Costa crosswalk to better warn drivers of pedestrians crossing.

To improve a pedestrian walkway that often goes unnoticed by motorists, the City of Malibu is pursuing a project that would add flashing light beacons to a crosswalk on Pacific Coast Highway in front of the La Costa Beach Club. 

The “mid-block type crosswalk” was installed years ago to make it easier for visitors to access the beach and La Costa Beach Club. But because it lacks flashing lights to warn drivers of pedestrians crossing, Caltrans has identified it as a “safety concern,” according to a city staff report.

Funding for the project will come out of $14 million in Measure R grant money the city obtained last year for PCH and intersection improvements.

According to staff, the La Costa crosswalk project will be lumped together with a project at PCH and Big Rock Drive known as the Intersection Dedicated Left-Turn Improvement project.

The city is set to receive part of the grant money as soon as July and, according to the staff report, wants to get the crosswalk improved as soon as possible.

“Despite the possibilities of potential delays that are usually inherent when performing capital improvement projects in the Caltrans right-of-ways , staff is determined to utilize every opportunity to expedite the completion of this project and maximize grant funding.”

Bob Brager, the city’s Public Works Director, will present an update on the project at a May 1 Public Safety Commission meeting.