Camp plan idiotic


How many people will die because of the stupidity and criminal negligence of our elected officials who seem hell-bent on letting people camp out in canyons that are dry and primed for wildfires? Oh, I’m sure that after they’ve approved this moronic plan, they will be among the very first to “grieve” over a fireman who is killed fighting a fire that may have never started, were it not for their stupidity. I’m just as sure they will command face time on local news channels publicly grieving over the loss of a child or an entire family whose home was swept up quickly in a fire, before they could be warned. I am the least political and least public meeting oriented person in this town, but I am going to be at the next Town Meeting to ask these elected officials if they are just plain stupid or just plain corrupt, because there is no logical third option. I would imagine that there are a lot of other people just like me who are going to be at that town meeting doing the very same thing.

Brian Scully