Government creates problems, blames others

It is an old and convenient excuse, the homeowner’s septic systems. The real point here is that the origin of pollution in the areas around Malibu and over the nation for that matter are caused by the government. Real pollutants that spoil the beaches and local seas originate upstream in Malibu Canyon, namely the government controlled and government run sewer system.

When was the last time that you ever heard of a government agency being held accountable, people fired or fined for the destruction and sickness that they caused?

Government creates a problem, then blames someone else and then forces that someone else to undergo expenses that do not solve the problem because it does not address the source. No privately run system would be able to get away with that as it would be considered criminal. On top of this new rules and regulations are passed, usually with the blessing of local environmental groups, that have no hope of solving pollution problems since they do not really address the cause of the pollution and merely create more grief and wasted money for ordinary citizens. Mr. Publisher do you remember the reason that Malibu became a city in the first place? It was to avoid a sewage system being forced upon us by a unresponsive and corrupt county government. Perhaps, since the county failed, the state will end up doing the job through contradictory, layered and useless rules and regulations which will have the full force of law and end up making the present septic systems untenable.

You are correct in one thing Mr. Publisher no one’s life. Liberty or property are safe when the legislature is in session. That is something that a Libertarian knows full well. It is about time that the citizens and the local media understood it and act accordingly.

Charles T. Black

State Senate #23 Candidate

Libertarian Party

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