Malibu Seen



Sarah Silverman, Jimmy Kimmel, Ricky Lake and Kyra Sedgwick were in a New York state of mind as they gathered on the Backlot of Paramount Studios for a Big Apple-style bash to benefit Project ALS. It was a family affair as celeb moms like Marlee Matlin brought their little ones to enjoy a day of fun and games as well as carnival rides, music and lots of tasty NYC grub. Friends and family of Project ALS founder Jenifer Estes were other familiar faces in the playful crowd. Since 1998, the organization Jenifer helped create has raised more than $30 million for ALS research and treatment.


Their kids may be watching Fox News, but members of the Woodstock nation turned out and tuned in to a different kind of vibe at that good old-fashioned hippy happening known as Topanga Days. Thousands of tie-dyed scenesters flocked to the canyon for one festive, far-out affair. The three-day celebration of all things ’60s had everything from love beads and peace signs to Riki masters and reflexologists.

Feeling low on enlightenment, I stopped to see Heather Schwartz who assists in “divine guidance for all aspects of life.” Sporting hot-pink hair, an Indian gauze frock, moonstone jewelry, nose ring and various tattoos, the blessed-out beauty scanned my being for blocked energy.

“Your body is like a river,” she said, closing her eyes and looking lost in thought. “What I do is allow you to hear your physical self.” My physical self was more interested in a bunion I wouldn’t have if I spent more time wearing Berkinstocks instead of Jimmy Choos, but no matter. I was told to zone in on my lower abs and increase my energy flow. “You need to listen to your body,” the spiritual aid advised. “I suggest you do some dancing.”

Well, there was plenty of opportunity for that because Topanga Days, like Woodstock, is one endless jam session. Following the scent of sage and patchouli oil, I made my way down to the main stage where the gang was rocking out to the popular No Name Band. There were Jerry Garcia look-alikes, mellow earth mammas and wood nymphs with fairy wings all celebrating their love of life.

The whole scene was reminiscent of another era when people wanted to make love, not war, and preferred energy efficient VW bugs to gas-guzzling SUVs. The Summer of Love may be long gone, but at Topanga Days, the spirit lives on. With a colorful, fun-loving crowd like this, it was easy to get into the groove. Before I knew it, my good vibes were going and my energy was flowing, and my physical self was feeling just fine.