Letter: Misguided Trust

Letter to the Editor

I have been brought up to trust the people who are in places of authority to perform their duties truthfully and faithfully. We have a congresswoman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, who denies the Parkland massacre, the 9/11 attack as a terrorist attack and the validity of the Jewish people’s right to exist. 

Her initials are very fitting. She has an empty (MT) heart, an empty soul and, most likely, an empty brain case. She wants the brilliant Nancy Pelosi shot in the head. She’s on the education committee. Does this give her the power to shoot more children? She’s one of a huge group of “representatives” who represent terror and violence. We have “leaders,” such as Donald Trump, Kevin McCarthy, Mitchell McConnell, Jim Jordan, at least 45 Republicans and on and on, who follow the same ‘thinking.” Let them talk to the parents of all the dead innocent children, the injured and dead Capitol policemen’s families, the woman stomped to death in the attack on our Capitol. 

On a local level, let’s look at what happened two Saturday nights ago. The illegal Airbnb at 2145 Rambla Pacifico has been a problem for about two years. My two neighbors and I registered multiple complaints and the only help we received was from the sheriff’s department, who came to our multiple post-midnight calls to shut down the heavy metal blasting. The hotel has been allowed to exist, with multiple weekends of mayhem. We were awakened to a blazing fire at 3 o’clock in the morning. I grabbed my dogs and drove through my only way out through fire on both sides of my road, to safety, with no way of grabbing anything but my emergency duffle bag. The firefighters were incredible and fought for hours to eliminate the multiple fires and save our houses. I am again immensely thankful for their courage. 

Where were our leaders prior to the disaster that was waiting to happen for two years? On a personal level, I lost my first house, which I had built in 1979, in the 1993 fire. We were told that permits would be “expedited.” It took more than a year to get final approval. Is that what we call expediting? How are we expected to trust anybody, we need to care for and protect us? I certainly don’t know the answer. How sad!

Richard Feinstein