Reader’s Poem / TOWERS OF COURAGE?

A Malibu resident paints the U.S. flag on her garage after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. The display of the U.S. flag was everywhere, from local stores, to people’s clothing and cars, showing solidarity after the attacks. Photo by Roxanne McCann

Dedicated to Frank Joseph Naples who was in the North Tower, and to all those who perished on 9/11.

The date September 11, in the year 2001 is forever etched in all our hearts as our nation stood as one.

We were witness to the horror that pure evil makes men do,

but our hearts and souls were lifted when pure goodness shone right through.

From the bravery and the courage shown by tower workers high,

to the thousands who chose courage to help colleagues by their side.

There`s the Christian in the wheelchair who worked on the 7th floor,

he is comforted by his friend the Jew, religious difference known no more.

We all stood as one people, and the light of love shone through,

becoming even bigger than the evil we were witness to.

The buildings may no longer stand, but in the dust that’s left behind,

we see visions of brave Firemen, and Police we’ll never find.

Their bravery and their courage, no words can yet describe.

We witnessed sacrifice and love, with heavy hearts we cried.

Our prayers go out to families, their loved ones lost that day,

and we hope that prayers and candles lit, will help in some small way.

U.S. Flags are out in numbers, in our houses and our cars,

on our …T-shirts and our Baseball Caps, one need not look too far.

We all stand united, and our course of action’s clear,

for we treasure this great country, and we’re proud that we live here…

By Ashlie Farbenbloom