Letter: Setting the record straight about Castle Kashan


Setting the record


Your article about Malibu’s Castle Kashan misrepresented Ms. Lawrence’s generosity [“Castle Kashan property up for sale,” Feb. 28].

There were numerous events held at the castle and in no way did Ms. Lawrence receive money for “rent” of the Castle property for fundraising, and other events. Some of these events, to name a few, were The Dolphin Awards; One Book One City; City of Malibu Measure M; Children’s Lifesaving Foundation; the Cooks Tour, benefiting Malibu Methodist preschool; Cystic Fibrosis, and on and on, were all donations towards a good cause. In these events she even picked up the catering and entertainment tab, in addition to her support and donations to the Malibu Film Society.

I was the security person she hired for these events and I have first hand knowledge of this. I am writing this to set the record straight.

Dan Julian