Letter: Learn Your ABCs

Letter to the Editor

ABC of sexual harassment: Action, Behavior & Consequence.

In recent reported transgressions of sexual harassment, how impaired were both men and women on drugs or alcohol?

Or both? Playing grabass is puerile and offensive.

For egregious behavior decades or years ago, some or all parties may be more mature today with a repentant character change.

And let’s ask—how are they being a positive contribution to society? Let’s weigh the weight of the offense on the scale with atonement and measurable contribution to world betterment!

A poem: Let the punishment fit the crime and consider how long ago the time.

Faced with aggressive “hands-on” behavior, I look the perpetrator in the eyes and ask, “Would you like to be a soprano?”

In one case, a college hockey captain backed off and apologized! 

Now, “Groper-in-Chief” Donald J. Trump also deserves a new title since he spends up to six hours or more as a couch potato, watching the news (said The New York Times).

As a couch potato, “Donald J. Trump is sofa king!”

Hope Chase