Deer Creek Beach crash victim presumed dead

Devin Goodman

Although no body has been found, a Ventura County Sheriff’s detective has concluded that 24-year-old Devin Goodman was killed Nov. 12 when his truck flipped over on Deer Creek Beach. Goodman’s friends and family say they hold out some hope he could still be alive, but they believe he was most likely killed in the crash.

Detective Mike Powers said that late Saturday night, Goodman’s truck skidded and flipped over. He said Goodman most likely landed on his head or neck and the crash caused the passenger side of the vehicle to explode open, and his body went into the sea.

As to why Goodman’s body has not washed ashore, Powers said, “My understanding in talking to people who have more expertise is there are several factors involved, including the kind of clothes he is wearing and how the water is. Also, there are rocks around that could catch the body.”

Goodman lives with his mother, Bonnie Brown, in Deer Creek. Goodman’s aunt, Barbara Parvex, who is visiting from out of the country, said she has a bit of hope that her nephew walked away from the accident. “But if he had walked away, he would have notified his mom,” she said.

Goodman grew up in Malibu, attending Juan Cabrillo Elementary, Malibu High and Colin McEwen. He was an avid surfer. His friend of 20 years, Tyler Trivette, said Goodman surfed nearly every day.

“He was a great surfer too,” Trivette said. “Everyone up and down the coast knows him. He’s a people’s person.”

Trivette described Goodman as a person who enjoyed living life with the basics and would rather have no money and have a good time than work at a job he didn’t like.

A memorial service had been planned for this week, but Parvex said it was decided it would be too soon. Trivette said a paddle-out could take place in Goodman’s memory on Sunday.