Letter: Vaccination Mix-Up

Letter to the Editor

I regret that I was not contacted regarding the recent article “Malibu Vaccination Rates Way Below State Average.” The article misquotes the vaccination rate for Saint Aidan’s Preschool clearly stated in the 2012 Associated Press article, and since the school does not maintain a kindergarten class of 10 or more students (as specified in the survey requirement of the schools reviewed), the basis of the data is unclear at best. Saint Aidan’s Preschool follows all applicable laws regarding vaccinations and requires parents who choose not to vaccinate to complete the new California Department of Health Personal Belief Exemption (PBE) form with documentation.

We have organized an open community forum to be facilitated by three local physicians that may address some of the issues raised in the article. “Preparing your Child for School” will discuss the importance of vaccinating children according to American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines among other topics. “Preparing your Child for School” will be held on Wednesday, Aug. 27, at 3 p.m. at Saint Aidan’s Parish Hall, 28211 Pacific Coast Highway. All are welcome.

Kathy J. Cook

Saint Aidan’s Preschool Director