Put art on the agenda


    In traveling, the places which excite me the most are culturally viable communities which make room for art. Art, creative work, the making or doing of things that display form, beauty and unusual perception. (Webster)

    Art reveals truth and beauty. Art nourishes life and growth. Art contributes to the dynamic community. Is setting aside space for sport fields important? Is setting aside space for artists to work among us equally important? Can the city dedicate a number of spaces in its Civic Center area, Point Dume area and Trancas to artists, working artists? Wouldn’t this be a culturally attractive step to take? Open the door. Extend the invitation.

    We need art to stimulate and enrich our culture. We need art to challenge our perceptions. Art not only transforms how the world looks but also how we look at the world.

    Set aside space for artists’ workshops/studios. I can’t think of a more valuable or “significant public amenity and benefit for the Malibu community.”

    Create cultural zones. The “ongoing search for additional playing fields” needs to be accompanied by an ongoing search for ways to uplift and define our culture and what we value. “Keeping Malibu livable — and safe” is laudable, but to be livable a community must foster its artists. Can you imagine what may grow from such a step? If not, then we truly are in dire need of art.

    Ann Buxie