Letter: Glee in Killing

Letter to the Editor

Hi, my name is Amanda Moss. I grew up near and have lived here for 36 years. I have seen your newspaper for many years. Read many of your ecological articles, kind to environmental situations articles, etc. I have always lauded you as a newspaper that shows kindness and environmental care for all of us.

However, I, as I’m sure others, was deeply disturbed by your cover of a large fish being held by two overjoyed men in what can only be described as a brutal killing of an innocent animal. Not all of us agree with this type of behavior, in fact, Malibu, especially with Heal the Bay and non-use of pesticides and rodent poison, etc, I would expect your paper to not condone this type of over testosterone behavior and glee in killing an innocent animal and showing off of what most people believe is a brutal act.

Yes, it is fishing, but what if they were gleefully holding up one of our mountain lions or deer or mammal of any sort, would you have published and condoned this type of behavior? 

Please keep all unpolitically sickening behavior off your newspaper covers. 

Most of us are sickened by this. This paper should be kid-friendly, animal-friendly, environmentally friendly and represent Malibu for what it is to most of us, a peaceful and kind place for all creatures.

Amanda Moss