Business Corner: Santa Monica Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc.

Twenty-four year employee, vice president and head technician Orlando Guardado

Did you know the perfect time to service your heating and air conditioning system or refrigerator is now—during the spring? Waiting until the hot summer months when systems are working at their peak could spell disaster.  

It’s smart to get a jump on the summer and call Santa Monica Heating and Air Conditioning Inc. for a tune up.  And did you know that Santa Monica Heating and Air Conditioning is actually based in Malibu? The company, which also includes Malibu Refrigeration, was founded in 1979 by Dmitri Wood and Glenn Harvey. Originally located in Point Dume, Santa Monica Heating and Air Conditioning has been based out of Cross Creek for years.

Santa Monica Heating and Air Conditioning President Regine Wood says her company’s primary focus is on residential customers. Santa Monica Heating and Air Conditioning has had some customers for 40 years, but “we work for commercial businesses as well all up and down Malibu.”

Wood says this is the time to schedule a basic service call to clean filters, check lines, unclog and get your equipment tuned up and ready for a busy summer.

“We’re local. We’re based in Cross Creek,” Wood explained. However, the company has been servicing clients outside of Malibu, too.

“If you talk to any of our clients, they’ll say we’re fair, honest and nice people to work on your equipment and we’re good at it,” Wood said. “We’re efficient. We’re clean and we’re respectful. People like us and we love Malibu so much. We love our clients and they love us.”

Santa Monica Heating is open Monday through Friday. Call 310.456.8161 or email