Pamela Conley Ulich


Age: 37

Occupation: Attorney

Bio: Pamela Conley Ulich was a political unknown prior to the campaign, although she was co-vice president of the Malibu Rivera II Homeowners Association in 2001. Conley Ulich refuses to say how she voted on Measure M, and calls herself an independent candidate. She moved to Malibu in 1997. She said she supports establishing an arts commission in Malibu, if elected.

Major endorsements: Pamela Conley Ulich said she had a large number of endorsements, but in fairness to all of her supporters, she refused to pick out any as more significant than another.

Quote: “I am not sponsored by any special interest group. I have sought the support of every citizen of this community … I believe the voters are tired of name calling, and I hope the polls reflect that in April.”