It was a lively mix of movie stars-old and new-at Sotheby’s in Bev Hills the other night. That’s where celebs and photo buffs gathered for a revealing look at the career of famed shutterbug Frank Worth.

    The prolific photographer captured almost every famous face in the ’40s, ’50s and ’60s. His collection of glossy black-and-whites featured a dashing Marlon Brando with his newly acquired “On the Waterfront” Oscar, candids of sexy Ava Gardner and a young Frank Sinatra, as well as never seen snaps of Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe and Lana Turner.

    It was a crowd-pleasing blast-to-the-past as guests admired a behind-the-scenes peak at Hollywood in its heyday. Images included perfectly coiffed lovelies like Liz Taylor, decked out in luxurious mink stoles, white opera gloves and dazzling diamonds.

    Up-and-comers mingled with stars of yesteryear as they sipped champagne and munched away on quince quesadillas, sushi and chicken satay. The luminaries included James Woods, James Whitmore Jr., Shirley Jones and Noreen Nash, who was happy to pose with her contribution to the collection.

    The Diamond Information Center, which sponsored the exhibit, made sure there were lots of glittering gems on display.

    And speaking of stones, glam gal Sharon Stone was also on hand playing the part of celebrity auctioneer. She stepped up to the podium to sell off of two of Frank Worth’s photographic portfolios, raising $16,000 for the American Foundation for AIDS research. Picture that for a Worth-y cause!


    Well, don’t pooh-pooh that Hollywood memorabilia craze. Just check out what’s up for grabs at the upcoming Ultimate Sci-Fi Auction.

    Want Jane Fonda’s crossbow from “Barbarella”? You got it! Adam West’s well-worn bat boots? Bam! Darth Vader’s fighting helmet from “Star Wars”? Sold! Heck, you can even get the very first trible off the Star Ship Enterprise.

    If the price is right, they can be yours. Many of these sought after sci-fi pieces came from Planet Hollywood’s colossal movie and television collection, but danger Will Robinson! If you’re up for some bidding, be prepared to break out big bucks. Batman’s toe-tally-tattered booties were appraised between $3,000-$5,000. Burt Ward’s not-so-sexy but very famous Kelly-green and lipstick-red Robin get-up: $30K. Mr. Spock’s baby-blue tunic: a whopping sixty grand!

    But my personal favorite is a masterpiece instantly recognizable to any child of the ’60s or watcher of Nick at Nite-the incomparable B-9 Robot from Lost in Space. The original “Bubble-Headed Booby” can be yours for about $200,000. Interested? Your star date is April 26 at the Westin LAX. May the force be with you.