Letter: Peaceful Thank You

Letter to the Editor

The Peace Day event in Malibu was a wonderful and successful event. It was a reminder that peace is possible.

We would like to thank the following vendors for providing delicious refreshments: D’Amore’s Pizza, Jennifer Naylor Catering, Monrose Catering, PC Greens, Spruzzo Restaurant & Bar and Vintage Grocers. Every morsel was happily consumed. Thank you, Rob Lowis, for being the pizza delivery person. Also, thank you to the musicians: Manuel Iman, Steve McPeters, Sarah Brennan, Chris Cruse and Alistair Stevenson. The concert was world-class. And thank you to the Pepperdine Ambassador Council members who participated and helped.

We look forward to expanding and including more of the community in next year’s Peace Day event. 

Mary Higgins and Peace Day team