GiGi will be missed


On Saturday, November 1, my family and I stopped by Toy Crazy towards closing time, and as we always do, we looked behind the counter for that familiar, bespectacled face. GiGi, whose real name I later learned is Gloria Smith, wasn’t there. We quickly learned the tragic news from the store’s owner that GiGi had passed away on Friday, October 31. It is all but impossible to imagine Toy Crazy without GiGi, or Malibu without GiGi, for that matter. The void she leaves is huge, her presence irreplaceable.

Our young son’s favorite destination at the Country Mart has always been Toy Crazy, and that is in large part due to the warmth and love that GiGi always showed him. “Hello, my darling!” “Hello, love!” These were the greetings that GiGi regularly bestowed on scores of Malibu children, and the reason that all of us kept coming back. As a parent taking care of a child all day, I always looked forward to lively and entertaining conversations with GiGi, who was witty, funny, opinionated and full of life at 79 years. I suppose I didn’t fully fathom until now what a great friend she had become to my family. The positive side of this, if there is one, is that Toy Crazy remains a special place where GiGi’s spirit will endure. And her visage is etched permanently in the minds and memories of so many of Malibu’s children. Godspeed, GiGi. We will miss you.

Tim, Tracy and John Cahill