Local politicos, A-listers and activists were making waves at Paradise Cove at the Santa Monica BayKeeper’s 11th Annual Beach Ball. Bartenders sporting Hawaiian shirts and large straw hats, crushing fresh mint with sugarcane, were busy making mojitos by the score. A grooving ’50s style surf band cranked out the tunes, while servers made the rounds with mango quesadillas, tasty tapas and veggie spring rolls. The tent was decked out in classic Malibu beach chic. The walls were covered in vintage album covers and posters featuring icons like Annette and Moondoggie, Jan and Dean, and even the gang from Chubbie Checker’s surf club.

Tables were decorated with palm fronds, antherium, bamboo and orchids. Miniature surfboards, lifeguard stations and mermaids served as splashy centerpieces.

It was elbow-to-elbow as the environmentally aware wobbled on the sand and snaked their way through the silent auction tables filled with goodies like cruises to Catalina, adventures in Idaho and a fabulous fling to the City of Lights.

The place was abuzz about BayKeeper alumns Terry Tamminen and Steve Fleischli, onetime small fries who have taken the crusade for cleaner water to bigger ponds. Terry now serves as secretary for the California Environmental Protection Agency, while Steve is working alongside Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as director of the Waterkeeper Alliance.

Steve was also one of the evening’s honorees. “We want people to know that pollution in Santa Monica Bay is not acceptable to any of us,” he told the enthusiastic crowd. “No matter what your political affiliation, we can have a strong economy and a clean environment.” Also honored for her outstanding environmental efforts was Anne Earhart, the founder and president of the Homeland Foundation and a longtime supporter of the BayKeeper. She carried on the evening’s rallying cry. “We can make a difference. So get out there, vote, get involved or just pick up some trash on the beach every time you go.” Terry meantime was extolling the virtues of California’s new governator, saying, “He shares your passion. You have a friend in Sacramento.”

It was a packed house with the likes of Suzanne Somers, Cheryl Tiegs and Dick Van Dyke as well as Linda and David Foster.

There were cheers and applause as they listened to speeches and dined on Thai Chicken, Caesar salad and firecracker rice.

What better way to cap it all off than with a rousing performance from super song meister Randy Newman, who played favorites like “I Love L.A.”

The event raised $20,000 for the organization and its clean-up efforts.