From Russia to Amazonia, Rampant Ecocide

Dr. Reese Halter Speaks At Global Animal March In Los Angeles

Russia is home to one fifth of the world’s wild forests. Infuriatingly, they are cutting them all down.

Earth’s champion cold hardy trees, subarctic Siberian larches are almost all gone.

Siberian Larch are tall trees reaching in excess of 175 feet. They live in the far north of Russia growing to the very edge of tree growth or the tree-line. They can easily withstand temperatures in excess of minus 60F. They are one of the few conifers that are deciduous. Just before they drop their needles in the fall, they turn golden. It’s indeed a breathtaking sight to behold!

Russian logging has pushed all of their wild forests and wildlife to the brink of collapse. At this frenzied rate of pillage, all Russian wild forests will be gone by 2030.

The ‘War Against Nature‘ is raging across the globe and all life support systems are under siege.

In 2013, deforestation spiked to 5,891 square kilometers or 2,275 square miles. When Amazon forests are looted, all life is affected on our planet. The Amazon is crucial for its phenomenal ability to make daily rain clouds, regulating the water cycle, providing massive afternoon white cloud surfaces reflecting incoming solar radiation, ameliorating Earth’s temperature. Instead, solar radiation now penetrates denuded forest floors all day long, heating them, and in turn – heating the atmosphere.

Last year, the rate of deforestation in Amazonia, the largest remaining rainforests on the globe, shot up by 29 percent. An area two-thirds the size of Connecticut was mowed down.

Mature trees are the finest carbon dioxide warehouses to have ever evolved on the globe. For every one ton of wood grown, one and a half tons of carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and one ton of oxygen is released. More oxygen is required to sustain 8 billion humans predicted by 2024, yet each day chainsaws mutilate Earth’s lungs, its wild forests.

Since 1970, Earth has lost 50 percent of its wildlife to loathsome poachers. Four hundred billion dollars annually in live and dead animal parts, including, elephant tusks, rhino horns, sea turtle shells and eggs, shark fins and supplying dolphins for dolphinariums are being run and profited by organized crime.

The Yakuza, Triad’s, the Cartel and Mafia are washing $400 billion through the international banking system. It’s time to end this evil and deranged ecocide because if nature dies, we die.

Please support Rainforest Action Network, the Australian Conservation Foundation, Australia for Dolphins and Sea Shepherd Australia.

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