Friday night fun


I am a freshman football player at Malibu High School. I have been looking forward to playing under the lights for many years. Now I will not be able to because of the actions and fear of some neighbors. I live in Malibu Park and I love having my school so close. It seems that MHS is the only place big enough in Malibu so that we could all get together for Friday night football games and other things for the community. Now these have been taken away.

For many years now, the tall MHS pool lights have been on five nights a week until 9 p.m. How come those lights haven’t ruined the environment? I was looking forward to decorating the freshman float for homecoming. How can these people take these great events away from us kids? I thought that the adults were supposed to think about what was good for kids and our social, physical and mental health. What else would you like us to do on Friday nights? Hang out on your street? Party? Let me know.

Will Rosenthal