A point of view


Where has all the time gone. Happy Birthday, Malibu. You are now 20 years old. Now take stock of what you have accomplished for its citizens. Well, there are some parks, a few benches, some waste cans and oh, a new City Hall. That would appear like lots. But, who is the City working for? Certainly not for all the citizens who reside here. We have the haves and the have-nots. If you build a new home you are entitled to a view of ocean, mountain, etc. However, if you came to Malibu prior to cityhood, you are entitled to wind up in court, which will be very costly, or fighting with your neighbor.

It appears we have a two tier city. People with deep pockets who have lots of staying power in the legal system and others on fixed incomes or who are just getting by. Now there is a view committee that worked nine months to draft a terrific piece of legislation which was trashed by the Planning Commission and City Council. They needed to draft a View Restoration Ordinance that would be court bound and cost many dollars. On April l9, the Planning Commission is going to hear the second part of the View Restoration Ordinance. Be there at 6:30 p.m., new City Hall, and make your voice heard.

Marilynn Santman