Secret Agenda?


    The Wetlands Gang is coming

    To change life all around!

    Anyplace that’s partially level,

    Is their target to be found!

    They bring their ilk from far away

    To point out muddy spots;

    Where rain has left a puddle

    That hasn’t all dried out.

    They swear that lovely Malibu

    Was once mostly ancient swamp.

    And though jealous of our lifestyle,

    It’s too much fun and pomp.

    This place must return to what it was,

    One thousand years ago!

    Never mind whoever lives here —

    They got to leave and go!

    I wonder who supports this gang

    Who claim to have such clout?

    Do they have a secret agenda —

    That we don’t know about?

    P. F. Fogbottom