They were in the pink at a very hip venue called Conjunctive Points for Motorola’s annual Toys for Tots Christmas drive. And let’s just put it this way, when it comes to throwing a fab bash – these phone guys are totally dialed in. Frenzied paparazzi flashed away as arrivals made their way down the red carpet and into a cavernous Culver City warehouse, which was transformed into a “Think Pink” party palace.

The place was decorated with ornately carved, gilt mirrors, sparkling chandeliers, sleek Plexiglas tables imbedded with pink and white gerber daisies, pink pillows, pink tassels, pink graffiti posters and even pink velvet swings.

Leather-clad, combat boot-wearing servers sporting neon pink wigs made the rounds without fail, carrying an assortment of Asian spring rolls, tasty crab cakes, chicken avocado quesadillas and rosemary beef tartlets. Speaking of tartlets, a gaggle of go-go gals danced from the rafters in their black fishnet stockings, midriffs and minis.

One leggy dancer sporting a pink mariboo bra strutted her stuff while enclosed in a plastic bubble surrounded by swirling silver confetti. “Can you breathe in there?” I asked the attractive human snow globe during a break.

“Yes,” she replied. “But I can’t hear a thing. It’s hard to keep a beat.”

Style statements for this laid-back crowd ranged from haute couture to Juicy Couture, Todd’s to tats. Even the freshly bic-ed, meticulously dressed marines seemed to be having a blast. Their collection barrels were filled to the brim with shiny new Hot Wheels, cuddly stuffed animals and baby dolls by the dozen.

The highlight of this sensational shindig was a special performance by racy pop queen Pink. “I’m so excited,” beamed Malibu artist Lynn Kent Ferrand, who drove in for the occasion. “Just wait till she comes out. She’s gonna rock this place.”

Blond-haired Pink came bounding onto the stage in a striped tube top, hip-hugging skirt and 1970s era fingernails long enough to double as screwdrivers.

“I want to thank Toys for Tots,” she told the crowd. “It’s a great cause – anything for kids.”

Pink performed a full set with a string of high energy hits, beginning with “Get this Party Started,” which brought the crowd to its feet and left us cheering for more.

In the end, there was a lot to phone home about, and to be sure, the next time these guys throw a bash, IIIIIII’m coming out!”