Paved with good intentions?

About a year ago, you published a letter in which I sarcastically took Caltrans to task for failing to properly repair the stretch of PCH just south of Big Rock Drive. Whether my sarcasm was too obtuse for the dim bulbs that head this incompetent state agency, or if it even cracked their thick, intransigent skulls, I’ll never know. But the latest offense is too much to ignore.

These past few weeks, virtually the entire stretch of PCH — from Topanga to Trancas — has been prepared for major repaving. Vast stretches, in fact, that don’t need repaving at all. Add to this the gazillions spent on various landslide projects over the past quarter century and the question remains, why has the stretch of severely warped and buckled highway south of Big Rock never been addressed? Compared to their other projects, this should be a minor project on Caltrans’ radar. Yet for 25 long years Malibu has suffered through dozens upon dozens of amateurish patch jobs every time another season of rains buckle the highway.

Would our esteemed City Council please take up the baton and do something about this problem? Please? Caltrans has proven that they can move mountains, literally. How hard can it be to bulldoze a few annoying humps on a highway? If there’s a reason this can’t be done, the morons running Caltrans owe the citizens of Malibu an explanation.

Wade Major

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