Health is wealth


I cannot express my excitement in hearing a rumor that Erewhon Market (name taken from the utopian novel by Samuel Butler, written in the 1800s, about a land where people are responsible for their own health) may possibly be coming to Trancas.

I did some research and found that Erewhon is a family owned and operated market. Erewhon does the research (so I won’t have to read every label) and has a policy not to carry food products containing artificial sweeteners, refined white sugar, bleached flour products, chemical preservatives and additives, growth hormones and hydrogenated/trans fats, and does their very best in screening out genetically modified and irradiated foods. This would be their second store, and a blessing for me and the Malibu community that cares about their health.

Erewhon specializes in sustainable and organically grown whole foods, and healthy alternatives to conventional supermarket items. For most of my life, the big corporate grocery stores have only had a very small section, at most, for healthy alternatives.

I myself am in the midst of an organic liquid/detox diet, which has only benefited my health and amazingly lessened the inflammation and pain that I have endured for the past year. I found that the pharmaceuticals, physical therapy, x-rays, doctor’s appointments did not give me the relief that just backing off of the usual American diet did. Through my process these past three weeks I realize that sugar is poison and painful. You are what you eat.

Erewhon has an amazing web site where, if interested, you can learn about homeopathic alternatives to the big business of illness.

I work two and three jobs and look forward to spending my hard earned money in Erewhon. For me, it is about quality, not quantity. And think of all the money I won’t have to spend on doctors, pharmacies, etc., because my health will be better. My mom’s favorite saying was “Health is wealth.”

Valerie Sklarevsky