Letter: Facts Are Facts

Letter to the Editor

In response to the letter “Appalling accusations” published May 27

It’s always amusing to see tax dollars spent by bureaucrats defending their thin-skinned boss, by attacking a reporter.

Joe Edmiston was obviously unhappy when a KBUU mic was stuck under his nose, and questions about the MRCA La Costa Beach parking, sanitation and security disaster were tossed to him.

So his underling then writes a letter complaining about the news coverage of Edmiston’s anti-fire tree planting ceremony. The article includes the fact that the flammable redwood chips, used under the baby trees, would be illegal under Malibu’s fire prevention ordinance.

The MRCA employee claims the wooden chips in question were not redwood chips, but pine and fir chips. Upon close inspection, the red wood chips were dried and dyed wood, and are thus flammable imitation redwood chips. 

The MRCA said the pine chips would be encouraged in Malibu, not banned, because they are “mulch.” While the city encourages mulch, the city code actually says wood chips and ground rubber are not allowed as mulch.

It should also be noted that living pine and fir trees are not native to the area, and planting new ones is also banned by the Malibu fire ordinance in most conditions. But it’s good to see MRCA paying homage to Malibu ordinances, even if they got it wrong. 

If Joe Edmiston is worried about animus from Malibu, he should start by making sure his minions get their facts straight. Whining about honest and, yes, sometimes critical reporting is not the job of any subdivision of the almighty State of California.

Hans Laetz