Look for real goal


    I want to restate the warning that Anne Hoffman gave to the community last week in your letters to the editor. the Lily’s Cafe group is a political action committee in support of Beverly Taki for City Council -nothing more, nothing less. They are trying to appear to be non-partisan. Beverly Taki supports all of the goals of the Lily Cafe group. One goal is to defeat any attempt of the Malibu citizens to buy land for ball fields, open space and a community center. The Lily’s group, in the November election, was the only group that opposed the land bond. They are so far out of touch with the mainstream of Malibu voters that they believed they won when they were soundly defeated 62% to 38%,

    There are two extreme groups in this election. One is the candidacy of Robert Roy van de Hoek, who is supported by the extreme environmental community that supports the Coastal Commission’s LCP which will literally take away our home rule and devalue our property. On the other end of the political spectrum is the Lily’s group supporting Beverly Taki. They are also extremists. Elections are about the future. If you take one look at this Lily’s group, you will know that they re about the past. Keep an eye on everything they support. You’ll notice that they don’t stand for anything and they are against everything.

    Anne Hoffman is correct in blowing the whistle early on the Lily’s group. They are being totally hypocritical and believe that we don’t have an ounce of brains by thinking they can run a political forum when they so adamantly support one candidate.

    Our election is in April but it’s time to start asking questions now.

    Lloyd Ahern