Guest Column


Pamela Conley Ulich / The Dolphin Awards

Questions for Malibu City Council candidates

The following questions come from current Councilmember Pamela Conley Ulich.

Why have you chosen to be a public servant?

What are your top five priorities when you are on the city council?

Do you have any prior public service experience? What is it?

On November 5, 2009, the Regional Board adopted the resolution to prohibit on-site wastewater disposal systems (septic systems) in the Malibu Civic Center area. The prohibition applies to all dischargers in the Civic Center area, including commercial and industrial facilities, public facilities and residences. New septic discharges are no longer allowed. Existing commercial and industrial dischargers, and public facilities must cease discharge by November 2015, and residences by November 2019. The City of Malibu has countered with a map that includes approximately 120 homes in Serra Retreat and all of the Civic Center Commercial area. What do you think about the decision issued by the Regional Water Quality Board? What would you recommend the city do?

What do you think the new City Hall should contain? How can it be used to serve the public?

The City of Malibu recently acquired 20 acres for Legacy Park and a new City Hall in the Civic Center area. Do you think city should invest in assets in West Malibu?

Do you think the City of Malibu should allow an unelected body, the Malibu Township Council, to determine whether or not there can ever be league play at Trancas Park?

Should the city resources be used in connection with the View Protection Ordinance? What do you think the View Protection Ordinance should be?

Do you think the City of Malibu should put a number on the number of nights the lights can be on at the high school? If so, how many nights and why?

Do you think neighbors should be allowed to anonymously report other neighbors for code violations?

What do you think the city should do for the schools in the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District?

What do you think the city should do for seniors?

What do you think the city should do for teens?

Do you think the city should explore the feasibility of running Zuma Beach?

Do you think the people in the City of Malibu should be able to decide whether they can elect a mayor or should the Malibu City Council select the mayor? Would you be willing to put this matter before the voters in the next election?

Do you think retaining local mom and pop shops is an issue facing Malibu? Do you believe a formula retail ordinance should be adopted? Why or why not? What would you recommend the city do to promote local businesses?