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Reported and photographed by Dercum Over

The Malibu Times asks Malibuites what they think of term limits and the mayoral election.

Patrick Sullivan Jr.:

“Term limits for any politician are a good idea. They tend to get fat and stagnant. I support an open election for the mayor. At least it would be representation by the people. I have a feeling it would solve a lot of problems Malibu has had since cityhood.”

Dr. Suzanne Donovan (with son, Max):

“I’m against it [term limits] because it limits the involvement of individuals in local government. [Independent election of the mayor] would have to go hand in hand with giving him some sort of real power.”

Tricia Alexander:

“The mayor should be elected; he should represent the people, not just the council. Limit the term? Definitely get new blood in there, new ideas.”

Alan Roderick-Jones:

“They don’t realize they’re moving to the country. They bring their city ways…. My worst is the cats they bring. We have birds here; we’re losing the quail…. There should be a limit to the number of times they can run…. PCH is getting so blocked…. I’d want to vote someone in again, it’s hard to find someone … the money the police spend with their helicopters looking for topless women, send them to France, they’ll have a great time….”

Eamon Harrington:

“I’m against it [term limits]. You should be able to stay in as long as people want you in. I don’t really like career politicians, but I don’t want to lose good public servants. I’m 100 percent for electing the mayor.”

The Malibu Times is the first newspaper in Malibu, serving the community since 1946.

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