Tim Tebow to appear at Pepperdine event

Pro quarterback Tim Tebow will speak at Pepperdine's Associate Dinner on April 6.

Heisman Trophy winner, NFL quarterback and devout Christian Tim Tebow is set to speak Saturday night at Pepperdine University’s 37th Annual Associates Dinner. 

Tebow, 25, will sit down for a keynote conversation titled “Changing the Game” with Fox News correspondent Adam Housley. Housley graduated from Pepperdine in 1994. 

The quarterback won college football’s prestigious Heisman Trophy Award in 2007 while playing at the University of Florida. The Gators also won two national championships with Tebow. After being selected 25th overall in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft, Tebow spent two seasons with the Denver Broncos before being traded to the New York Jets where he’s served as a backup QB to Mark Sanchez since 2012.

His religious devotion has inspired the term “Tebowing,” in reference to a kneeling stance Tebow takes to pray on the football field.

The sold-out event at the Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills includes reception and dinner. Individual tickets were sold for up to $250.