Malibu Seen: Alperts Share the Musics

Herb Alpert and Lani Hall

Local notable and jazz musician Herb Alpert just can’t stay out of the news these days. After an anniversary concert with Sergio Mendez and Brasil 66, he’s making more headlines with a major music grant. 

Herb and his wife, singer Lani Hall, just announced a $10.1 million donation to Los Angeles City College that will provide all music majors with a tuition-free education. 

Herb described LACC as a “gem” of an institution, saying he wants to help kids who don’t have major resources with the means to go to a major college to improve and excel. 

Alpert, the man behind the Tijuana Brass, has sentimental reasons for his generosity. His brother went to LACC, as well as former business partner Lou Adler. 

Robert Schwartz, director of the LACC foundation, says the gift will make a big difference in young people’s lives. “It’s the largest gift to an individual community college in the history of the region and the second largest gift in the history of the state,” Schwartz said.

Funds will be used for tuition. The gift will contribute toward education and excellence in this two-year public institution. It will also allow the volume of students to increase from 175 music majors to 250.

Herb and Lani say their main goals are to support public instruction so everyone at all income levels can get a shot at a good education!



The reality series that took us through the journey of Malibu resident Caitlyn Jenner has been cancelled by E! Network. “I am Cait,” the series about former Olympian Bruce Jenner, lasted just two seasons. 

It debuted amid much hoopla about a year ago with 2.7 million television viewers tuning in. But the numbers didn’t hold and, earlier this year, they were down to just about 700,000. In a statement, E! explained that it was a mutual decision not to move forward with another season but added that Jenner will continue to appear on the hit show “Keeping up with the Karashians.” Break out the selfies!



Two of Malibu and Los Angeles’ biggest philanthropists, Eli and Edye Broad, continue to grow their impressive art collection. They’ve now added another 29 new works to their treasure trove of modern art. They are all new since their wildly popular museum opened last year. Many of the pieces have ties to Los Angeles with about a third coming from local artists. Museum Director Joanne Heyler says local artists have been key to the collection since the very beginning. The new finds come from artists who are both well-known and new to the museum. So hit the Broad with a wide eye, a clear mind and enjoy!