Burn, burn together


“I believe there is a God-given right to slumber under the stars…” How poetic! Joe (Edmiston) only wants us to understand that everyone, regardless of income, has a right to perish in Malibu. Why keep all this pain and suffering for the racist elites? Edmiston insists that Malibu allow poor, under-privileged children from the inner city the right to burn up, too.

How can heartless Malibuites deny equal opportunity death and destruction to everyone? Ensuring complete fairness, I propose we fund moving vans so that campers can bring all of their prized possessions and memorabilia with them. Why should Malibu elitists be the only ones enjoying total and complete destruction of their private property? Edmiston simply wants Malibu to allow those less fortunate than us to potentially become, well, even less fortunate, even dead.

How racist and unfair of Malibuites that not one inner city, under-privileged, or handicapped child was zipped in their sleeping bags, poetically slumbering under the stars as the three Solstice camps were swallowed by flames!

Edmiston bragged about his Solstice camp’s ability to handle any fire threat, yet the camp’s employees barely escaped the flames, according to Woody Smeck, Superintendent of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, “just minutes before the wind-driven flames destroyed everything,” along with Edmiston’s ridiculous safety claims.

Malibuites have only two things to do to stop this insanity.

Number one, contact Superintendent Smeck and tell him if he truly shares the concerns of the Malibu community, he will ban all fires in the SMMNRA during what he himself claims is “a year-round wildfire season.” Smeck has the ability to ban all fires at his discretion. “During periods of high fire danger, the superintendent may close all or a portion of a park area to the lighting or maintaining of a fire.”

Number two, contact the SMMC members to demand they remove Joe Edmiston as executive director. Remind those elected or appointed members that we are the ‘elite’ Malibuites and we will make their reelection processes as much a living hell as 4,000 blazing acres of Malibu. General George would say, “This is where we hold’em by the nose and kick’em in the ass.”

‘Holders’ and ‘kickers’ please contact me at safecampp@aol.com.

Jannette Frazier